Facility Solution

Market development & brand communication strategy

We engage people in ways that build true brand loyalty. In today's world, it is critical to maintain a two-way conversation with your audience. RCS is staffed with great listeners and storytellers who present unique content that your customers will not only embrace, but share.

We are an integrated marketing agency that helps brands discover their voice and identity through marketing, advertising, public relations, new media and social media.

ATL Activities

RCS provides state-of-the-art ATL activation services that suit your brand or organization. We have a strong foothold in brand promotional activities and are also considered as the one of the leading ATL activation agency countrywide, we are providing services like Advertising, Brand Strategy & Identity, Print Communications etc.

  •  Audio-Visual advertisement(TVC)
  •  Print Media
  •  Press
  •  Magazines

BTL Activities & Events

It involves conceptualising, executing and managing exhibitions, events, product launches and on ground promotions.

Creative & Allied Activities

It involves planning brand strategies, formulating brand routes and developing creatives. Also involves allied creative activities.

Digital Media Planning & Buying

Analysis of client requirements, gathering data, planning digitally led media vehicles and managing live digital campaigns.And involves planning and buying ATL media such as Print, Radio, TV. Also involves planning and buying digital media advertising vehicles.

Web Design & Development

Designing responsive websites which increases reach and accessibility to potential customers and provide a platform for lead generation. It also includes Search engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing.

Outdoor and OOH Marketing

It involves buying outdoor media like Billboards, PoS Displays, Street Furniture, Transit Ads and wraps, Mobile Billboards and Guerrilla Advertising.

Public Relation Management

Involves Online as well as Offline Reputation Management, Crisis Management, Pre launch PR, Content Viral Marketing, Press Management etc.